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Supporting Growers and Customers to work together directly

In recent years we have seen many changes to the way UK retail customers procure their fresh produce; with more and more customers going down the route of dealing directly with growers and cutting out unnecessary costs from the supply chain. 

This evolution of procurement models continues to gather pace driven by the necessity of both growers and customers to reduce supply chain costs and remain as commercially competitive as possible. 

Soft Fruit Direct was setup to offer growers commercial assistance in establishing and maintaining a direct relationship with their UK customers. With our knowledge and experience of the UK soft fruit industry we are able to provide growers with honest, independent guidance regarding the best routes to market for each individual retail customer. 

Based in the UK we offer full commercial support for growers; managing relationships with customers, creating grower-specific sales strategy, negotiating programme volumes and pricing and control of stock levels. 

We work closely with recommended grower owned and managed packing facilities that offer transparent costings and experience of handling soft fruit. 

UK haulage links providing transport solutions throughout the UK covering all retail customers. 

If direct supply to the UK retail customers is of interest to you please do not hesitate in contacting us at: or +44 (0) 7549 057754

Unique Model

Supporting Growers and Customers